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Comedian Slash

where slash and comedy come together
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Welcome to comedian_slash

Congratulations! You found us. Count yourself lucky.

As for the rules... as long as it's slash, male or female, and at least one of them is a comedian - it's all fine by us.

Just remember to put fics behind cut tags and write a header (pairing, rating and warnings should you feel they are necessary) so readers know what to expect before clicking.

Here you can post anything about your favorite funny OTP from fanfic, icons, fanart, pictures to anything else you can think of.

Feel the love, spread the joy.

your mods,
lo0o0ony_lauren and pernickety

Please visit our lovely and inspiring affiliates:
fit_comedians, because funny really does = sexy.
booshslashhaven, because you just CANNOT deny the level of gay, when even their girlfriends are shipping them.
fryandorlaurie, because... It's Fry and Laurie, people, just do it.